Because life is the surplus which overflows materiality, Ultramateriality must ground itself in the taste for Otherness if pleasures and pains are to condense themselves into the deeper joys and sorrows of existence. Death first appears to be an absolute exteriority, wholly other; but looking inwards, Life finds Death to be its inseparable counterpart. In the ultramaterial space of Life, Death’s presence folds inwards, outwards, in; intermingling exteriority with interiority; awakening life’s thirst for the intoxicating difference of elimentality. By this thirst, Life nurtures its attachment to Otherness, rousing its empathic nature within. This stirring of empathy gives tangibility to Life’s embrace of elimentality, the tangibility which consummates the union of Ultramateriality and Being. It is by this embrace that the surplus of Ultramateriality overflows into existence. Without that surplus, Life is but a stagnant narrative. Death opens the vortex through which vibrancy overflows.

The most fundamental understanding of Ultramateriality is that all joys and sufferings are immersed in the anonymous flush of living substance. But this understanding would be deaf, if Ultramateriality listens not to the sonorities of the world; existence would be silent if it hears not the echoes of Otherness within. Empathy for Difference enlivens those sonorities, harmonizing exteriority within. This is the fundamental exchange of existence. This is the central mystery of life; an exchange incomprehensible to science, a mystery irreducible to logic. Its primordiality mandates art to go beyond analysis, beyond understand, beyond language; to strip bare the mask of surfaces in order to recuperate the Ultramateriality of existence. Art must shine forth the urgency of Ultramateriality. Art which penetrates not the veil of appearances covers over existence with the triviality of descriptions. To participate in this exchange, Life must affirm its embodiment of Ultramateriality. To embrace the mystery, Life must open itself to Difference. The recuperation of this mystery is the central preoccupation of the fallen angels. Their bodies are the absolute confession of Ultramateriality. They conceal not their vulnerabilities, seeking instead to expose them. They understand that vulnerabilities not only uncover the footprints of Death, but also articulate the yearnings of existence. By their confession, the fallen angels call humanity to awaken unto carnality. By their openness, the Otherness within is made tangible. Their unflinching acceptance of vulnerabilities permits humanity a glimpse into the fundamental interiority of existence. Their absolute nakedness strips bare appearances exposing the very core of existence. Their nakedness is the indelible icon of mortality.